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RNet provides information for Foreign Service Annuitants from all the Foreign Affairs agencies. If you don't find the answer you are looking for, send your question to HRSC@state.gov.


Immediate Change to Annuitant Employee Express and Employee Express: Locking Inactive Accounts After 60 Days

Effective October 15, 2022, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Employee Express (EEX) and Annuitant Employee Express (AEEX) accounts were locked if inactive for 60 days.

OPM manages the EEX and AEEX applications and effective October 15, EEX and AEEX accounts were locked out if a user had not accessed the application within the last 60 days. Moving forward, email reminders will be sent by OPM to the email address on file 30 days, 15 days, and 5 days prior to the account being locked out for 60 days of inactivity. The Department was informed of this change October 14. An email, notifying Annuitants of this change, was sent by CGFS to the email address on file on Wednesday, October 19.

OPM policy states that user accounts that are not accessed within a 60-day timeframe must be disabled due to cyber security risks. The accounts can only be re-enabled through an application driven re-enablement process that can be facilitated through the AEEX/EEX helpdesk. By adhering to the 60-day policy, the window of opportunity for unauthorized access to the application is drastically reduced, thus providing a more secure application for the user. Cyber security is of paramount concern to OPM, including the protection of your data on the AEEX and EEX sites.

To access AEEX, annuitants must have an email address on file. AEEX access assistance can be requested via the Help Request link on the AEEX website (https://www.employeeexpress.gov/) in the top right of the page. If the Help Request link is chosen, under the Agency drop down menu, please select Department of State (Foreign Service Annuitants/Retiree). Once unlocked, the AEEX Help Desk will send the user an email message. The user will then be able to log in through Login.gov to gain access to their account. For questions using the Login.gov functionality, please send inquiries to the Login.gov helpdesk: support@login.gov. Please reach out to AnnuityPaySupport@state.gov for assistance with adding email address information to annuitant files, if necessary.

For Foreign Service Active Duty Employees

Foreign Service employees of USAID, FCS, USDA-FAS and APHIS, IBB and Peace Corps general information is available on this site. Please consult your agency’s HR office for personal retirement counseling.

For Civil Service Annuitants

Civil Service annuitants are supported by the Office of Personnel Management, OPM. Please contact RETIRE@OPM.gov or go to www.servicesonline.opm.gov to manage your online account.

Career Transition Center

Retirement courses are available to Foreign Service and Civil Service employees at the Foreign Service Institute (FSI). The Career Transition Center (CTC) is located in the E Building of the FSI campus in Arlington, VA. Please contact FSI/TC/CTC for more information: FSICTC@State.gov.