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Foreign Service Pension System (FSPS)  (Close)

Download - DS-5004 Application for Retirement for Foreign Service
Download - DS-5002 Designation of Beneficiary FSRDS and FSPS Service
Download - DS-5006 Designation of Correspondence and Payment Address(es)
Download - JF-37 Election of Annuity Benefits FSRDS / FSPS
Download - DS-5008 Election of Less Than Maximum Survivor Benefits (Spouse)
Download - DS-5011 Salary/Annuity Limitation Effect of Reemployment in the Federal Government
Download - DS-5013 Disability Retirement Foreign Service Pension System (FSPS)
Download - W-4P Withholding Certificate for Pension or Annuity Payments
Download - DS-5014 State Income Tax Withholding Request
Download - DS-1838 Retiree ID Request for Foreign Service
Download - SF-1199A Direct Deposit Bank Sign-Up Form
Download - SF-2818 FEGLI Continuation of Life Insurance Coverage
Download - SF-2823 FEGLI Designation of Beneficiary