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Reemployed Annuitant (WAE) Program

The Human Resources Bureau implemented the new centralized Reemployed Annuitant (WAE) Program on 8/19/13. Active employees can use the Employee Self Service tab on the GEMS webpage to access the Reemployed Annuitant (WAE) registration to be placed on the registry. Annuitants should contact their Bureau Coordinator or the HR Service Center (HRSC) at (866) 300-7419 to have their names placed on the registry. Please keep in mind that having your name added to the registry does not guarantee or imply you will be hired.

This section of RNet will be updated when there are changes for the Reemployed Annuitant (WAE) Program. The following table describes the resources that were developed for annuitants:

Document Name Description
Fact Sheet Provides basic facts about the program to ensure annuitants understand what the program is about.
Hours Tracker Spreadsheet created to help annuitants track the hours worked in a calendar year. You should download the spreadsheet to your computer and enter the appropriate hours each day. Formulas in the spreadsheet were created to automatically add the total hours for each month, and displays the total hours for the calendar year in red toward the top of the spreadsheet.
Required Skills for Bureaus Specific skills requested by Bureaus. The document only has skills for a few Bureaus that provided information.